11 bathroom safety tips for Elderly, Handycapped and Disabled

11 bathroom safety tips for Elderly, Handycapped and Disabled

Bathroom is pretty common room at your home house. you may use bathrooms more frequently compared to your bedroom in terms of entering count.

However, you may not realize that it is actually risky to come in and out bathroom if you compare it to using other rooms in your house such as bedroom, kitchen, or even outside storage room. Thus, the chance of getting accident in bathroom is multiple times higher.

The danger is caused by slippery nature due to combination water and its surface. It is something that people usually neglect since most people can keep balance well in bathroom.

However, such case does not apply if you have some difficulties caused by aging or disabilities. People who are having these problems should be more careful when using bathroom because accidents can happen in a greater magnitude.

This problem definitely requires solving, and that is why you should consider safety in bathroom.

How can we achieve better safety in bathroom?

It is fortunate that bathroom nowadays can be enhanced with better safety technology. Despite whether the bathroom was built decades ago, it is possible to give enchantment that provides better safety system.

Basically, there are three important components for achieving better safety in bathroom. First of all, you need help from technology. Secondly, the bathroom should be designed and equipped with techs by knowledgeable persons. Thirdly, you should consider perform regular and comprehensive maintenance to your bathroom.

All of those equipment prevents accident involving falling or slipping because of lacking of stability. Here is the details of safety in bathroom recommended for you based on earlier explanation.

Using safety equipment for better bathroom safety

Bathroom can be equipped with some safety item. There are shower chairs, shower benches, shower mats, toilet rails, raised toilet seats, and grab bars.

They are extremely useful items to install in bathroom, and they absolutely can enhance safety in bathroom. Let’s discuss the equipment one by one to get general idea on what they will do to safety in bathroom.

1. Using Shower Chair for Safety

Shower chair is a specialized chair, enabling people with difficulties to feel comfortable and safe when using bathroom. the feeling of safe and comfortable comes from the stability the shower chair offers. Slipping or even falling can be negated with the chairs, and that is why it is good option to have.

This chair is usually equipped with a great rubber grip in its legs, ensuring extra stability as long as it is still used within its weight limit range. Transferring from standing position to seated position on top of the chair becomes safe activity even without assistant around.

Moreover the chair is usually completed with curvy surface which ensures your stability in seated position. You will not be leaning to the right or left when you use shower chair within this type. To improve the stability more, it is also worth considering shower chairs with arms.


When you use shower chairs with arms, you should not put your weight on one arm when transferring to the shower chair. The arms from shower chairs give unstable center of gravity if you put too much weight on it.

What you should do is to hold on nearby grab bars while reaching to your shower chairs with arm. It is the safest choice you can have.

2. Using bath mats for safety

In addition to shower chairs, you also need to consider the bath mat.

It is another important item to improve safety at bathroom since it offers greater grip in bathroom. with anti-skin property and self-drainage system, you will always find bath mat useful for keeping your feet on ground.

Of course, the anti-skid property and self-drainage system depends on various factors such as the material, included technology, and installation procedure. Hwoever, any bath mat, even the cheapest one, is worth every penny.

You may need to change it frequenly or you may need to put more effort for its maintenance. Hwoever, it is still helpful to keep safety in bathroom.

If you want to use bath mats, it is recommended to put it in several strategic areas. First of all, it is near the toilet. This allows you to use toilet with less stress.

The next area is near the bathroom sink. Sometimes, the water splashes and is collected somewhere, causing slippery floor. With bath mats, the water will be absorbed, and the bathroom will not be slippery.

Another important area is definitely near the bathtub. You can put the bath mats outside the bathtub or you can put the mat inside underneath the shower chair. Using both will dramatically improve safety level in bathroom.

3. Using safety rails for safety

Safety rails are usually located in strategic areas such as near toilet, bathtub, shower or even bathroom sink. They are extremely useful for helping you to access all of those bathroom essentials.

Safety rails are typically installed permantenly by screwing them to solid surface such as floor or wall. However, it is also common to find more flexible safety rails that uses suction system. Both have disadvantages and advantages.

However, it is recommended to use the permanent solution especially if the bathroom is going to be used by people with difficulties that require long time to recover. This ensures extra safety and it is more cost-efficient.

In addition to installation method, one important thing to consider is that using safety rails with strong and durable material. It is a no-brainer, but some people tend to choose weak materials because they are cheaper. This can be a big problem in the future especially when the safety rails break at use.

If the safety rails break, it negates their uses. That is why it is recommended to use the best safety rails for ensuring safety in bathroom.

4. Using grab bar for safety

Grab bar can be convenient alternative of safety rail. At the same time, it also can be used along with the safety rails.

What makes both items different is versatility. Grab bars are more versatile especially if you choose the one with suction. They can be attached and detached easily. However, you will soon find out that it is not safe enough as it loses it suction ability over time.

One great solution for that is to choose grab bar that is installed permanently on wall. It costs more since installation requires additional tools and even professional services. However, it will be worthwhile especially if the bathroom will be used by people who need more time to recover.

Grab bars should be one thing you should reach. It allows you to give extra stability when using bathroom. if you want to use the bathtub, grab bars can be invaluable help. They will help you to transfer from walking or movement aids to the bathtub safely.

Be sure to follow the installation guide properly since grab bars sometimes should be installed diagonally, vertically, or horizontally depending on their position.

5. Using Raised Toilet Seat For Safety

Raised toilet seats are not necessarily important compared to other previously mentioned equipment. However, it can serve a great help for people who have limited mobility.

Raised toilet seats simply add height to your toilet. This allows people with limited mobility to use toilet conveniently because it reduces time to use toilet. If the toilet is combined with toilet rails, it becomes even more convenient.

You can use the toilet rails to keep yourself balanced while reaching seated position. The transfer process will be safe and quick. You also can use the toilet quickly. It is extremely useful, and you will not regret purchasing one.


If you want to use the raised toilet seat without rails, you need to be careful since the new height may surprise you. Therefore, be sure to move slowly. Make sure you are properly seated before using toilet.

This ends the equipment tips for safety in bathroom. now let’s continue to discuss something more commonly-neglected situation.

Proper Installation Of Bathroom Equipment

All of the mentioned equipment should be installed properly. Otherwise, they won’t work as they are supposed to be.

6. Installing shower chair

Take one example of shower chair. Shower chair should be put right in the middle of the bathtub or shower. You should check whether the legs are level. This is even more important especially if you want to use foldable shower chair since the legs are usually not in the right position.

7. How to use Bath mats for Safety

When it comes to bath mats, you should consider installing it underneath the shower chair. Additionally, you should put them in some strategic locations such as near bathtub, outside the shower area, and near the bathroom door.

8.Let the professional to do the job

When it comes to railing and grab bars, they should be installed properly by asking profesioals to do the job. Alternatively, you also can choose the best mechanism available in the market for preventing bad things to happen.

The Importance Of Lighting In Bathroom

Sometimes you are wondering why there are some cases people are falling or slipping in bathroom even though they are still young and strong.

9. Pay attention to lighting in bathroom

One main cultrpit is actually the lgithing. Despite of your extreme awareness of spatial situation, darkness limits your view in any way. That means, it is possible that you hit something, slip, and even roll in the bathroom.

Darkness in bathroom is not merely caused by ignorance or negligence in switching bathroom lamps on. However, it is also because somehow the lighting fails at the time when it is needed most.

The solution is always to use backup lamp from your phone LED or anything. However, the urge to use toilet usually makes it impossible to do such action.

Considering this condition, ti is highly recommended to always check bathroom lighting at least once in a month or week to ensure it works properly. Moreover, it is also recommended to pick the ambient light that is bright enough that reaches every corner.

Proper Maintenance Of All Equipment

If you want to have safe bathroom, it is essential to consider proper maintenance.

Maintenance solely depends on the items you want to protect.

10. Proper maintenance for bath mats

Take one example of bath mats which require regular cleaning because they may stop absorbing water at some point because of inability to drain itself.

In this case, you should consider cleaning it while drying it off.

11. Keeping Shower chair and grab bars safe to use

When it comes to other object such as shower chair, you typically need to pay attention to its legs. The rubber leg paddings usually tear up as times passes by. You should make sure it is at its top considton all the time by storing it properly when not used. Moreover, you also need to pay attention to clipped paints because rust can start from there.

Another example for equipment maintenance is for grab bars. Sometimes, it starts losing up its grip eecause of frequent force when you use that. it is sometimes inevitable, and you can keep it functional by tightening its screw. Additionally, you may need seal tape for ensuring its grip.

After all, you need to pay attention to every single item in the bathroom to improve safety. If you cannot do that yourself, you should ask other people in the house to do the job instead.

Concluding Remarks

For people with difficulties, it is highly recommended to pay attention to several things to stay safe in the bathroom.

First of all, you need to use any safety aid available in the bathroom. you may skip that step if you do activity outside the bathroom. however, you just cannot do that in bathroom because it is closed room that is quite dangerous.

Next, you also need to make sure you can call help if you use have trouble in bathroom. make sure you notify someone before using bathroom especially if you still do not believe in yourself to use the bathroom. additionally, you also need to ask professional to set up the bathroom for you for maximum safety.

Lastly, be sure to keep everything in the bathroom at its top condition. You just do not want to use damaged shower chair for your next bathing time. you also do not want to use weak grab bars since they will hurt you instead.


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