13 Surefire Ways to Prevent Falls in the Bathroom

13 Surefire Ways to Prevent Fatal Injuries in the Bathroom

Why Bathroom Safety is Important?

Bathroom is one of the most vital rooms you have in the house. This makes you have to be sure that everything is safe and good for your family. There are so many aspects that will determine the safety in your bathroom.

Your bathroom is something that should be safe because all your family member will use it, not only you but also the children and the elders. As bathroom is a place which is wet and prone to make you slip, you will need to find the best safety equipment for it.

Who Needs Bathroom Safety Equipment?

When it comes to the topic of bathroom safety, you will consider that the ones needing the safety equipment are the elders and the children. But, you should also know that bathroom safety is actually for everyone even for healthy ones.

Some accidents in the bathroom like falling or slipping can lead to serious injury, and that means you will need serious, extensive, and expensive recovery. Here, we are going to give some product options for improving your bathroom’s safety.

That way, you will not have to deal with unnecessary accidents in the bathroom.

1.       Adding Portable shower chair for Preventing Falls in the Shower

Accidents can be prevented by adding some safety devices in your bathroom

Portable shower chair is one of the best products you should consider.

For those who are afraid of falling in the bathroom and those who have limited movements, the portable shower chairs can prove to be useful. It is very classy and is extremely useful.

For the elders, this is also a very good product to use because it has many features that will help in keeping your comfortable and still enjoy the bath.

So, what are the features that are available when you choose the bath seat?

The comfortable stars from padded armrests. The bath seat also comes with backrest to keep your back straight and nice.

Portable shower chair is typically light-weight. Be careful to choose the shower chair since the construction is sometimes not sturdy enough. Read the manual, and try it before purchasing. That will prevent you to get dangerous shower chair for your family.

2.       Adding Transfer Bench Shower Chair for Preventing Slips

When you take baths in the bathtub, you might be worried of being slipped due to the wet floor in your shower area.

Indeed, your bathtub can be very slippery and thus it will make your condition to be more dangerous if you stand to move in and out from the bathtub. This means you will need something that reduces the chance of slipping.

If you consider in using safety equipment to prevent falling in your bathtub, then the sliding transfer bench will be a great idea to try.

It is chair that you should choose because it is very simple to use. You just have to sit on your transfer bench and you can also slide in your way into bathtub without having to stand up in the wet, slippery bathtub.

The benches are also available in various designs and can be adjusted to make it comfortable and easy to use.

If you feel you are having difficulties in mobility, transfer bench is absolutely great equipment to prevent you from falling or get any accident. It ensures your stability when using bathtub.

Compared to standard shower chair, transfer bench is better as you do not need to move your body when entering the bathtub. The mechanism will do that for you.

3.       Installing Balance Assist Grip

Safety is not only important when you are using the bathtub. You should also consider your safety by choosing some grip for handles in the bathroom.  It works for both young, old, healthy, and people under recovery, especially when they want to use wet and slippery bathroom.

Assist grip is remarkable invention since it very simple, but it provides extra safety. The main function of this equipment is to help you keeping balance in your bathroom. Due to the wet and slippery floor in your bathroom, moving can be very dangerous. Thus, you will have to make sure that the movement is safe by using handle grip.

The design is also subtle which means you do not need to worry of altering the look of your gorgeous bathroom. It is also easy to install since some assist grips are portable with suction system.

4.       Installing Permanent Bathroom Grab

If you want something that is simple and comfortable to use in your bathroom, you can choose this stainless grab. It is different from other equipment since it is permanent. Bathroom grab should be strategically installed because of that.

Bathroom grabs are usually installed near bathroom essentials. However, it is also common to install long bathroom grab that resembles bathroom rails for extra safety measure. This prevents everyone using the bathroom from falling – despite of slipping – as long as using the bathroom grab.

Sometimes you will get the handle bars with rubber padding which will be good for your bathroom since it is solid and comfortable to use. For safety reason, this model is the best. Unfortunately, it requires extra maintenance especially when it gets wet.

Permanent bathroom grab is indeed difficult to install. Fortunately, you will not install it for second time as long as you install them properly. Moreover, permanent bathroom grab is also safer since it sticks to the wall without problem.

5.       Adding Hand-Held Shower Spray

In case you are taking bath by sitting on your shower chair, you will also need the shower spray which is easy to use.

Typically bathtub is not equipped with hand shower, but you need to consider one for safety measure. You can add shower hand spray installed on the wall. This way, you can access the shower spray for showering and bathing at the same time.

You may be wondering why shower spray is the best option for safety. When it comes to safety, handheld shower is a great aid since it prevents you from using shower inaccurately. You also do not need to swing your arms too far since hand-held shower has all features on its shower head.

It is efficient and it is just awesome.

Be sure to pick the shower spray with adjustable temperature. It is essential since some people prefer the soothing cold water instead of the warm one. You can also choose hand shower spray under various colors and you design your bathroom accordingly.

With this, you can get all benefits such as safety, comfort and also adorable bathroom decoration.

6.       Installing Raised Toilet Seat

Some accidents in bathroom occur when people want to use toilet. Using toilet sometimes can be problematic especially for people with limited mobility. The elders also get some difficulties when they have to deal with the toilet.

In this case, you have to make sure that you use the toilet well for the elders and people with limited mobility to prevent unnecessary accident. You need to choose something which is comfortable and safe, and that is raised toilet seat.

Raised toilet seat is extremely helpful since it increases the height. It enables the users to access toilet quickly. Combined with toilet rails, it makes the toilet safe to use most of the time. To prevent slipping, raised toilet seats also come with locking mechanism.

Be sure to install the toilet seat with the lock to give extra safety.

7.       Installing Toilet Safety Frame Arms

This is one of the most important thing to have if you live with an elderly person in your house. Since they have limited movement in their age, you will need to choose something which is perfect for avoiding them from falling or slipping. Therefore, they can do their bathroom business simply and more comfortable in the bathroom.

Commonly installed in accordance to raised toilet seats, toilet safety frame arms are really great for keeping stability when using toilet. The combination will prevent accidents that may happen in the future.

8.       Throwing bath mats for extra safety

It is never enough to maximize safety in bathroom, and that is why you need to consider adding more stuffs into bathroom for better safety.

A great addition for extra safety is bath mat. This item is remarkable since it allows you to get your feet dry and stable. Using bath mats is also simple.

You can throw it near any essentials in bathroom such as toilet and bathtub. However, for obvious reason, you also can put the mats on places you think necessary.

One of the examples is putting the mats underneath shower chair. This way, the chair will have extra grip along with you when you are trying to use it. Alternatively, you also can throw the bath mats on shower with hand grip, so that you can get extra stability when showering.

Fall prevention using bath mats is effective. It is also cheap solution for safety in bathroom. Therefore, it is recommended that you have one in bathroom regardless whether you are healthy person or person with mobility difficulties.

9.       Walk Slowly

This one has nothing to do with equipment, but it is essential for keeping you from falling. Bathroom is slippery room that requires you to move carefully.

Sometimes, slippery can be negated by moving slowly. Thus, it is recommended to move slowly for achieving better safety in the bathroom.  By moving slowly, you reduce the risk of hitting something hard. It may save your toe or little finger from immense pain.

Additionally, you also can control your stability once you slip since you move slowly. If you – for instance, run – in the bathroom, there is nothing that can help you to regain your stability. You also cannot reach nearest bath grab when falling, and that is quite risky.

10.   Remember that you are in bathroom

Some people really forget that they are in bathroom since it is designed perfectly well. However, that can be dangerous since it reduces awareness and carefulness.

If you want to avoid falling, skidding, or any damage in bathroom, you should be aware that you are in bathroom in which accidents often happen. Though it may like threatening yourself in gorgeously designed room, you will save yourself indefinitely.

11.   Asking help from other people

Preventing falls in bathroom sometimes is not enough with the fancy equipment installed in bathroom. It is also worth considering the fact that not all people can purchase the safety aids in bathroom early. Some problems related to available fund, limited time, and chances to purchase the tools are taken into account.

In this case, you should consider having someone to take care of you each time entering bathroom. It is extremely necessary if there is a huge risk of falling in bathroom. Elderly, people under recovery, and people with limited movements should consider asking assistance or nurse to get into bathroom.

They are professionals who can help you to stay safe in bathroom without problems. Moreover, they also can stay in your house at the times you need it most such as when you need to clean yourself.

Of course, there is the alternative, your family. It is possible to ask your family as caretaker. It is remarkably cheaper and more helpful. However, you should be sure that they are not mind taking care of you. Otherwise, the relationship can dramatically change.

12.   Cleaning the bathroom frequently

It is essential to clean bathroom regularly to prevent falls. Cleaning does not always mean making bathroom clean from dust or dirt. However, it also means cleaning bathroom from objects that may disturb you when using it.

It is common practice to let the shower chair sits in shower or bathtub, but it is also common to move it aside because those essentials are used by healthier person.

If you move the bathroom shower to other unfamiliar areas, you should move it back. Otherwise, you may hit it and trip over it. That can be the most dangerous thing that can happen. Therefore, it is highly recommended to ensure your room is clean from unfamiliar objects.

Moreover, it is also worth considering to clean all necessities in bathroom ranging from toilet, bathtubs, shower areas, shower chair, bath grab, bath mats, curtains, and many other things. It is to make sure they are not inhibited by fungus which may lead to slippery surface.

In other spectrum, they also can affect your health because bacteria in bathrooms are strikingly harmful. Therefore, you should make sure you clean things properly in bathroom for avoiding accidents such as falling and tripping over.

13.   Ensure proper lighting in bathroom

Lamps in bathroom are essentials. Regular checks, at least once in a month, are required for achieving better safety at home.

Primarily, you should check the ambient light which determines the main light in the bathroom. The ambient light should be operating well. Otherwise, you will regret that you will see darkness in the bathroom. This can be a beginning of the disaster such as falling especially because of tripping over an item in your bathroom.

In addition to making sure proper ambient lighting, it is also essential to consider adding accent lighting. Accent lighting is not that essential, but it helps when the main light fails. Accent lighting can serve as backup plan, and it is a safety measure for keeping you away from falling hard.

Though lighting can help you, it is still necessary to be careful when using bathroom. No one knows when that the water collected on the floor is visible despite of perfect lighting. That way, you should be aware when using bathroom.

So, after you read the tips above, you have learned that there are some things that are essentials in your bathroom. Those things are important for you whether you are healthy or you live with elderly people or with people with limited movements. You will need to choose something that is perfect your bathroom safety.


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