The Benefits of Shower Chair for Disabilities

The Benefits of Shower Chair for Disabilities

Shower chair is really important piece of furniture in bathroom. The importance is even higher when it comes to disabled people.

Having shower may be a normal daily activities for us before and after the day. We do bathroom activities without difficulties in movement or strength. However, other people might face difficulties we can never imagine.

Disabled people, for example, have extreme difficulties when having their shower since they cannot support their weight, move their body parts or position themselves properly. To address this problem, shower chair or shower bench is designed accordingly so that people with difficulties like disabilities, the elderly and physically-injured patients can have their shower in easy and comfortable manner. Moreover, the use of shower chair minimize the risk of slipping due to wet floor so that it keeps the users safe from injury and danger in the bathroom.

What is a shower chair?

So what is a shower chair exactly? A shower chair is an additional bathroom furniture that is designed to help people with physical limitations and enable them to have shower properly.

A shower chair is designed and functioned simply as a chair on which its users can have a seat during the shower. By sitting in a safe chair, it minimizes their risk of injury, painful movement as well as falling over the wet floor. This device is highly helpful and beneficial for physically-limited persons, especially those with disabilities.

Shower chair has basic design in common. A shower chair usually consists of several elements or parts. These elements or parts include the seat as the main part, the legs, the arm rest, and back rest. Typical shower chair has two main features. First, a shower chair has well-textured seat surface to prevent users from slipping out the seat.

Additionally, the seat is designed with wholes or cutouts to result quick drainage. In terms of particular design and customization, shower chair comes in various form, type, size, and additional features. However, still its main function and purpose is to be an assisting device for those with physical problems when bathing. And its main agenda is to lessen the risk of injury.

What benefits will you get?

Though a shower chair is designed to help disabilities and elderly, it is not impossible that we use it because we want it in our bathroom. Common people can use shower chair to simply have a comfortable and safe shower, in addition to movement support. Many more benefits can be gained from the use of a shower chair in our bathroom.

  • It is safe

Using a shower chair improves your life quality because it is safe. Bathroom accidents of falling over the floor happen almost every time to normal people. In the case of disabilities and elderly, the risk is much higher because they lack of strength and movement support.

Such people have high risk of accident and injury if they are not assisted by family members or device. A shower chair can be a very safe help in this case. A shower case with its various features are totally designed to prevent injury by minimizing injury factor: wet surface.

This can also be beneficial for common people too. Normal people also needs a safe and comfortable shower so that they can improve their health. In short, a shower chair keeps the shower both safe and comfortable.

  • It is clean

Other problem of showering, in addition to safety issue, is hygiene issue. We do want to have comfortable shower by having a clean surroundings. The fact is that bathroom floor is the most part with hygiene issue, in addition to being dangerous. Using a shower chair can be a perfect solution to this problem.

Shower chair minimizes direct contacts with wet floor so that we might keep our body clean. In case we are travelling and we end up in a random hotel, and we are not sure of the hygiene of the bathroom, we can just pack our shower chair and use it to get a clean comfortable shower. In this way a shower chair helps improve our health quality.

  • It is moveable

It is often the case that our relatives pay us a visit and they use our bathroom. We don’t want the shower case to be around while they are using the bathroom. In this case, a shower chair shows its most practicality because it is movable. You can just pack it up as if you are about to take it with your travel, and you can hide it somewhere in the storage. If you want to take it along with you while traveling, you can also easily disassemble the parts or just flip them over to bring along with you.

  • It is space-saving

Don’t you worry that using a shower chair will consume more space of your bathroom. Space is the last thing you want to waste especially if you have a minimalist design, space-saving design, or a walk-in design of bathroom.

A shower chair suits you best in this way because it consume none of your bathroom space. The movability of the shower chair is its best advantage of space-saving quality. You can just bring it in with you when you have your shower, then you can just bring it out with you and store it when you finish the shower. It simply consumes none of your bathroom space in permanence.

What types are available?

Shower chairs come in several different types. You can choose one of these types that suits best your model taste or your necessity. The available types include:

  • Shower chair with adjustable height

Adjustable height is an important mechanism that increase its comfort advantage. Height variety that is adjustable enables different family members to take advantage of the use of shower chair. Adjustable height will also enables users to easily reach shower knobs and soap dishes without the risk of falling down or injured.

  • Shower chair with

Armrest is an optional parts of a shower chair. However it is very beneficial to increase your comfortable positioning when having a shower. If you lack of strength and stability, armrest can be a handle grab to support your movement when you are cleaning your entire body under shower. If you are not comfortable with armrest addition, removable armrest design gives you freedom to accord with your need.

  • Retractable shower chair

Retractable or flip model of shower chair gives you more flexibility since it is portable. This is the model of shower chair whose parts you can disassemble or flip over to make it easy to bring it along with you. Or, if you are not a travelling person, you can pick this model for just its space-saving and easy storage quality.

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