How To Create Fabulous And Safe Bathroom For All Ages

How To Create Fabulous And Safe Bathroom For All Ages to Prevent Accidents and Injuries

Perfection is impossible, but it is absolutely possible to get something that satisfies you somehow.

If you want to have perfect bathroom that combines safety and first-impression, it is also irrational to seek perfection. For instance, safety sometimes requires you to throw away a little bit of space for safety equipment installation.

This definitely reduces the purpose for beauty in the bathroom. However, it is possible for you to have something that satisfies you – in terms of safety – and we are going to find the balance between fabulous impression and safety at the same time.

Before moving further, it is recommended to take a look at fabulous and safety of bathroom. when it comes to fabulous, it means that the bathroom looks good. When it comes to safety, the bathroom is safe for people all ages.

You may be wondering why you need good-looking bathroom at the beginning.

Good-looking room gives a sense of comfort. It also makes your visit worth to bathroom since it is designed nicely. Sometimes, you also spend time there for creative purpose. We often heard shower thought which is actually an inspirational thought that you obtain when showering.

When it comes to safety, it is actually clearer.

Safety in bathroom is important considering the fact that many people have accidents in the bathroom miserably every year. Most of them are people over 50, but there are also some young people involved in the statistic.

Typical accidents in bathroom involve falling, slipping, stumbling, and hitting something on the head. In order to avoid the pain, it is recommended to consider designing the bathroom for safety.

Even though it is obvious that safety in bathroom important, some people think that enchanting the bathroom for appealing purpose is the priority. That is typical problem as some people think that bathrooms safety can wait. In fact, people from all ages need extra safety equipment in bathroom instead of the appealing purposes.

Fortunately, the debate between safety and fabulousness can be ceased by combining both world into a brand new bathroom design. Here is how.

Steps For Achieving Fabulous Impression In Bathroom

There are several steps that you should follow for achieving the best-looking bathroom for your house.


First of all, it is all about the size. Size does matter for bathroom since the larger the bathroom, the better it is. Large bathroom is great because it gives space to walk from one bathroom essentials to another. Spacious impression is also soothing and relaxing since it does not clutter the bathroom.

lastly, it is also possible to add some items to complete the appearance of the bathroom. thus, it makes the bathroom more appealing and nice. Spending time in bathroom is like having recreation, and that is why it is worth to consider.

It is recommended to make sure there is a space, at least for two people to walk together in bathroom, for achieving the ideal-looking bathroom.

Shape Of Bathroom

Most bathroom comes in rectangular or square shape. However, it is also possible to find fabulous bathroom with unique shapes such as triangle, diamond, and circular. When it comes to fabulous impression, you definitely need to consider the different shapes.

Indeed, something unqiue requires extra effort. It is definitely true since you need to spend more money for unique bathroom. additionally, you also need your muscle memory works harder because of unfamiliar floor plan. However, that should not be a big problem considering it is still designed to accommodate you to use bathroom essentials seamelessly.

The floor plan does not change significanytl. It is just the overall shape of the bathroom that dramatically changes.

Texture of the bathroom

Texture of bathroom is defined by how it looks judging from the texture of wall, floor, and even the ceiling. Most of the time, bathroom has clean, smooth, and sleek surface. Bathrooms in hotel are usually designed this way.

Such design is absolutely cool since it looks clean and modern. There is no deny that you are expecting to have the same impression for your home. However, you should consider adding texture in one section of the surface for giving depth and focal point in the bathroom. that makes the bathroom fabulous.

Color Tone Of The Bathroom

Bathroom is inseparable part of your house. some people think that the bathroom should come in similar color to other rooms in the house.

However, it does not have to be like that all the time. it is even possible to create a particularly unique theme in the bathroom for achieving dramatic look that you think fabulous.

It is recommended that you need to choose the color with bright tone. Not only does it look more dreamy and nice, it also makes your bathroom look spacious. Thus, it is definitely one of the best color option that you can have.

Still talking about color, you might as well consider nice calm colors. It is basically the opposite of previous color recommendation, and it is suggested for those who have bigger bathrooms. Bigger bathrooms usually can include things like a pot of flower or plants which actually can create good harmony with calm colors.

Nuance In The Bathroom

To wrap all the things to make the bathroom look fabulous, you should consider nuance that you are going to achieve in the bathroom. Sometimes, you want modern look. Sometimes, you want to have natural look in the bathroom.

Be consistent with your plan and make it happen. That nuance will bring satisfaction since you create your really own design and stick with it.

It is recommended for you to get some ideas about the bathroom nuance that you really like. Planning is important part for creating bathroom with perfect and satisfying nuance that you want. be sure to talk with people in the house about your plan since they will be using the bathroom too.

Considering The Type Of The Bathroom

When it comes to the best look, it is actually recommended to choose bathroom with walk-in feature. It is very simple feature that allows you to get in out shower without dealing with the doors.

Moreover, walk-in bathrooms are also cheaper since they do not require doors. Walk-in bathrooms are definitely great for showering speed and efficiency. They are also good in terms of appearance. However, you may need to consider the fact that the traditional bathroom may work best for your situation.

Making Bathroom Safer By Following These Steps

In addition to making your bathroom cool or appealing, you should also consider making your bathroom safe. Here are some posibilites that you can do to achieve that.

Choosing floor plan

Floor plan is inseparable part of a safe bathroom. it is important to keep every bathroom essentials such as toilet, shower, bathtub, or bathroom sinks organized or arranged properly.

There should be a clean pathaway to access all of those essentials without. This can be achieved if the bathroom is big spacious enough. For smaller bathroom, ti si necessary to remove unnecessary items that clutter the room for better accessibility.

Choosing best lighting

Best lighting for safety may not be the best for appearance. The best lighting for safety should accommodate underneath the furnishing such as the toilet and sink.

They need more lighting since they are usually dark. Moreover, people usually like to stumble upon those things. thus, additional lighting will be so helpful.

Sometimes, it is tempting to use bathroom lighting that looks cool though it is dark. For safety purpose, it is recommended to use brighter version since it lights up the essential oobjects in the bathroom more evenly and thoroughly.

Choosing bathroom accessories

Safety in bathroom requires extra effort than you may think. These accessories sometimes make the bathroom look bad. However, they are really needed for reducing the risk of accidents significantly.

There are some bathroom accessories that you should consider for enhancing safety. They are grab bars, raised toilet seats and shower mats.

Choosing grab bars should not be confusing. There are only two options available: the permanent and the flexible one. choose permanent if you believe the grab bars will be used often. Choose the flexbile grab bars if you only need that for short period of time (say 6 months or so).

Typically people buy the grab bars as suggested by doctor to keep stability at bathroom after accidents. Depending on the recovery time, you may only need to have the flexible grab bars instead of the permanent ones for your bathroom. That way, you can get your beautiful, original bathroom back.

In addition to grab bars, it is also recommended to add bath mats in your bathroom. bath mats work great for improving safety since it offers grip and dry surface for your feet most of the time.

It is worth noting that putting bath mats in your bathroom actually changes the look of your bathroom. some people really do not like that to happen despite of its great benefit. This is when you need to decide whether you want to be safer or fancier.

If you want to get the both world, you can pick bath mats that suit your bathroom appearance. White bath mats are usually versatile. They blend in well easily, but you need to wash them frequently. There is always something that you sacrifice. You only need to choose that satisfies you most.

Lastly, we have good accessory called raised toilet seats.

They are not recommended accessory for all ages since it does not work well for children. Other people who have difficulty in mobility can gain advantage, and they are basically people who need more support.

The good thing is that raised toilet seats are usually not permanent. They are fitted nicely on toilet only when needed. Therefore, bathrooms can still be considered as safe for all ages.

When it comes to appearance, raised toilet seats create weird impression since it makes toilet bulkier. Some people may find it unappealing to see, but you definitely can choose one that is more beautiful than others.

Some raised toilet seats are subtle in their appearance, and they are not disruptive. That means, you should not have to worry about whetehr they will change the look of your bathroom in negative way.

Some Other Important Considerations before Creating The Bathroom

There are some important factors htat may affect your design and decision.

Available Funds

This is another important consideration before you create the bathroom. sometimes, your option is limited to the budget you have.

However, no matter how much budget available is, you should consider one that is more important to you. Sometimes, you do not need shower chair since most of family members are still completely healthy, and you only need grab bars for safety measure. As long as the decision is logical and is agreed –another important consideration – you definitely can choose priorities first.


Here we come to another reason why you need to consider. Before designing fabulous and safe bathroom for all ages, you should bring along people who use bathroom in the discussion. All of you should agree on specific point on how the bathroom will be designed.

That way, the bathroom will accommodate you and your family or friends without any regret. This also allows you to design the bathroom more accuaretly depending on specific needs.

Keeping balance

The main point of creating fabulous and safe bathroom is basically balance. You need to set proper balance between appearance and the safety feature in the bathroom. sometimes, you need to sacrifice the appearance for safety or vice versa.

After all, the one who knows specifically what you need is yourself.

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