Shower Chairs for Different Physical Conditions

Shower Chairs for Different Physical Conditions

Physical difficulties or disabilities should not stop you from having comfortable shower. Fortunately, there is solution for people with physical difficulties to have nice and clean shower.

Shower chair is a safety equipment for bathroom. It is a chair with backrest and sometimes is equipped with two armrests as well that constructed of water-proof, non-corrosive, and anti-slip materials.

Designed to fit to most shower and bathrooms, shower chairs are created to reduce the risk of accident in the bathrooms. Despite the function, its design is commonly simple. In the end, the chair is used by people with limited physical activity though. Additionally, it is alos lightweight which is farily easy to move, install, and use.

As the shower chair is placed in the areas that tend to be wet, this equipment is made of non-corrosive and water resistant material such as plastics, PVC. They also can be made of non-corrosive metals such as aluminum and stainless steel. Then, it also commonly has holes in the seat for water draining.

Besides, shower chairs are also equipped with suction cups on the feet tips in order to avoid unwanted chair movement that can lead to slipping. It certainly makes the bathroom more secure for the users as the chair can prevent the bathroom users from slipping and falling in the bathroom, especially for elderly people or those who have difficulties in mobility.

For people suffering from certain physical disorders, especially those related with their mobility functions, shower chairs are really helpful to make their daily bathroom activity easier and safer. However, sometimes different physical condition also requires different shower chair.

Shower Chair for Arthritis

Arthritis is a physical condition which is related to any disorder that affects joints. Generally, the symptoms appearing from this illness are joint pain and stiffness. Other symptoms may also appear including redness, warmth, swelling, and decreased motion range of affected joints.

There are so many types of arthritis, but the most common ones are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Both types of arthritis are very disturbing for the system of mobility functions of the people affected by. As the sufferers will have limited movements, a shower chair will be helpful for them performing their bathroom activities.

For the users affected by this arthritis disease, shower chair with arm and back rest should be suitable for them. It is an outstanding shower chair for its safety features, durability, lightweight, and ease of breakdown. This kind of shower chair provides a security in taking shower as it is an excellent equipment to prevent fall in the bathrooms.

In addition, this shower chair is easy to assemble and disassemble. It snaps quickly and easily together without needing any tools. Also, this feature enables easy storage and transportation.

Shower Chair for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a disease caused by the damage of insulating covers of nerve cells in the spinal cord and brain. The damage leads to chaotic nervous system, disabling normal ability to communicate.

Commonly, the symptoms that may appear are muscle weakness, trouble with coordination and sensation, even blindness. Therefore, people affected by multiple sclerosis will have a great limitation in their movement and mobility.

For those people with multiple sclerosis, wheeled shower chairs might be a great help. Shower chairs with wheels can help them to maintain access to the bathroom. There is also a variant of the wheeled shower chair that is combined with toilet seat at once.

This wheeled commode and shower chairs offer a great help for those people with multiple sclerosis since they will be a lot easier in both taking a shower and using a toilet. Also, its adjustable height allows this chair to fit to most individuals.

Shower Chair for Quadriplegia

Quadriplegia, or commonly known in Europe as tetraplegia, is a kind of physical paralysis caused by illness or injury resulting in the partial or total function loss of all four limbs and torso (legs and arms).

The function loss is commonly sensory and motoric. It means that both sensation and control are lost. The most obvious symptom is impairment to the limbs and the torso which affect to the sufferer’s most mobility. Therefore, the usage of shower chairs is necessary for those quadriplegics.

As the quadriplegics may not be able to walk, using a wheeled shower chair is certainly helpful, not only for the disabled, but also the caregivers. The flexibility of wheeled shower chair can make the activity of taking shower much easier for people suffering from quadriplegia.

Why People with Those Disorders Need Shower Chair

Taking a shower or a bath can be a really risky activity for people who have mobility or balance difficulties. Unforuntaly, it is important activity since bathing improves hygiene and comfort level on daily basis. It enhances life expectation dramatically.

However, for those people having physical challenges, the activity of taking a shower or a bath might be scary as hell. Fortunately, there are great shower chairs to avoid their health at risk when taking a bath.

For them, using shower chair might increase their safety in the bathroom. By doing so, they can simply enjoy the pleasure of taking a shower. They can safely sit down on the shower chair without having worry of slipping in the tub or having a chance of drowning.

Moreover, they can relax and enjoy getting clean by using shower chair. Additionally, they can be under the warm spray and can stay enjoying the bathing as long as the hot water lasts. They can easily transfer their body to safety as the shower chair is combined with hand grips that carefully installed.

Also, as the time passing by, their mobility is getting limited with age. They will be slower and heavier. As the result, the daily bathroom activity becomes more challenging for them. Hence, the shower chairs, especially the ones with wheels, are really helpful for their accommodation.

So, those are the reasons why people with physical disorders or disabilities do need shower chairs. The shower chairs can suppress the risk of falling in the bathroom that leads them to be hospitalized. It them makes them feel more pain and stress. Additionally, the shower chairs are also beneficial for other people without those physical disorders.

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