Shower chairs for pediatric bathing

Shower Chairs for Pediatric Bathing

If you want to give additional layer of protection for children in bathroom, shower chairs are really great option you should consider. The chairs, with their different specifications, can accommodate the children’s need in bathroom.

A shower chair is helpful item to keep the bathroom safety. It is designed with water proof, non-corrosive, and anti-slip materials. Shower chairs are created to reduce the risk of bathroom accident because they are designed to fit to most bathroom and shower. This special chair are also available for accommodating both adults and children.

This kind of chair can be a three or four-legged chair placed in a shower or bathroom. It is usually lightweight, foldable, and made of water resistant and non corrosive materials such as plastics, PVC, stainless, aluminum, or their combinations.

In addition, the shower chairs usually have draining holes in the seat. The shower chairs are often equipped with suction cups on the feet tips to prevent slip and avoid unwanted chair movement.

Although shower chairs are usually used by older people, there are some of the shower chairs that are specially designed for children, especially children who have disabilities or difficulties in mobility.

Additionally, these shower chairs are also used by children who are just recovered from illness or such a surgery. They might get difficulties in taking shower since their movement is so limited. Therefore, a shower chair can be the solution to reduce the pain, worries, and uncertainty in bathroom. 

Types of Shower Chair for Pediatric Bathing

Children having neuromuscular problems such as cerebral palsy, or those who have different development, often find it so hard to sit by straightening their legs out or even just to sit upright without support.

Pediatric shower chairs are specially designed with adjustable back support for that purpose. The chairs usually have mechanical knobs for adjusting the angle of the back support. This allows the caretaker to put the children to seated position from lying position just by turning the available knobs.

In the market, there are a lot of different kinds of pediatric shower chairs. In selecting the right shower chair for children, it is very important to discuss with a physical therapist or doctor to pick which chair will fit the best to the needs of your children. It is also important of taking the children size, support needs, and shower measurements into the consideration.

Shower Chair for Children with Dystonia

Dystonia is a kind of neurological movement disorder they may affect children. It may cause them to have sustained or repetitive muscle contraction. The results are usually repetitive movement such as twisting or other abnormal postures.

A simple shower chair is not enough for children with moderate or severe dystonia while the simple chair may still work for mild dystonia. The special shower chair for dystonia provides extra body trunk stability in shower or bathroom that enables the children’s arms and legs to move freely without fear of hitting walls and shower equipment when seizure starts.

Additionally, the chairs are also equipped with harnesses and head support, both of which can be adjusted. Since this shower chair is designed for taking care children with occasional seizures, you cannot find wheels installed. Instead, you will find anti-slip rubber legs to ensure its stability.

Shower Chair for Children with Chorea

Meanwhile, chorea or also known as choreia is an abnormal involuntary movement disorder which is related to the disease of dyskinesias. This dancing-like movement caused by chorea can also affect children.

Children with chorea have difficulties in controlling their neck, arms, or legs. The movements in those particular body parts are usually sudden and prolonged. As the result, bathing will be super difficult. That is why they need to use shower chair, and reclining mesh sling is one of the best option.

This kind of shower chair is fully adjustable which allows the seat and back angles to be independently moved or positioned. This shower chair is also equipped with chest and leg straps that can ensure the safety of the children. The straps ensure them not to slip out of the position. Meanwhile, the foam blocks equipped in this shower chair also help the children to keep their head in a stable position.

In addition, this shower chair has an optional base to raise the seat of the shower chair itself to a comfortable height, offering the caregivers to bathe the children easily and without back strain.

Shower Chair for Children with Parkinsonism

Parkinsonism is a syndrome that is characterized by postural instability, bradykinesia, muscle rigidity, and tremor. This movement disorder does not only affect elderly people but also children.

Typically Parkinsonism does not involve extreme tremors or body movements. Thus, it a rolling multifunction shower chair is suitable for children who need minimal positioning support.

This kind of shower chair is also fully adjustable. Also, it is equipped with special locking wheels, so it does not need a transfer from one seat to another.

Furthermore, some models of this shower chair have additional foot rest for more security, comfort, and positioning support. This kind of shower chair is more superior that others for its multifunction for shower and bathtub. For extra safety and comfort, it also can be added a toilet seat.

Dual Function Shower Chair for More Convenience

In addition, a shower chair that has dual function may help both the users and the caregivers in a difficulty of bathing. In the market, this kind of shower chair is widely available for purchase. There are so many shower chair models that have the combination feature of shower or bath chair and toilet seat.

This dual function shower chair can be used simultaneously as a shower chair and toilet seat, which gives more ease and safety in the bathroom. The seat of the shower chair is designed to have an opening that allows it to be placed over a toilet and this chair enables the users to take shower and use the toilet much easier.

Both the users and the caregivers can get benefits from this dual function of the chair as this shower chair allows easy transfer when children perform their daily bathroom activity.

Shower chairs are actually important in general for keeping the bathroom safe to use. Especially for children with such disease or disorders, it might be very helpful for them to perform their daily bathroom activity.

The shower chair gives so many benefits not only to those children with special needs but also to the parents and caregivers. The parents will not worry about the bathroom accident that will affect their children. Meanwhile, for the caregivers, the shower chair will make their job much easier.


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