Technical Features of Shower Chairs You Should Know

Technical Features of Shower Chairs You Should Know

Shower chairs come in various features based on their capacity, size, mobility, and design. Be sure to know the technical details of those features for the best shower chairs for your needs.

This article will tell you further about the technical features of shower chairs in detail. For many reasons, shower chair is important to be featured in a bathroom, especially for elderly and people with disabilities or difficulties in mobility. By using the shower chair, they might be using the bathroom with a little or even no help from a caregiver.

Shower chair is a kind of chair featured in the bathroom that has two armrest, backrest, and drain holes in the seat, allowing people to get shower with convenience and no difficulties. It can also prevent people from slipping and falling in the bathroom since the users do not need to stand while taking a shower.

As the importance of the shower chair, people who need this item should take a look at some factors before choosing an appropriate shower chair for their bathrooms, for example, the technical feature of the shower chair. By doing so, they can get the optimum function of the shower chair as it is compatible with their bathrooms.

This article will provide you detailed information about the technical description of a shower chair, including the capacity, material, measurement, mobility, design, and usage that might help you in choosing an appropriate shower chair for your bathroom.

Shower Chair Capacity

Weight capacity is one of the first things a costumer should consider before choosing a shower chair. In order to accommodate various needs of the users, shower chairs are available in a variety of sizes as well. Therefore, the support size is an important factor to consider in choosing a shower chair.

Depending on its type, size, and material, weight capacity of a shower chair ranges between 250 lbs and all the way up to 400 lbs. In addition, there are two types of shower chair based on its weight capacity. They are standard shower chair and bariatric shower chair. Both types are widely available for purchase.

For people having less body mass, a standard shower chair will be more than enough to provide stability. Meanwhile, heavier people may have to choose the bariatric model of shower chair since this type of shower chair can accommodate more weight than the standard one.

Material of the Shower Chair

Shower chairs are constructed from various materials. Some shower chairs are fully made of plastic materials, while others are made of metal. Some other shower chairs are even made of combination of various materials.

Certainly, the choice of which material is superior to the other is entirely based on the costumer references. For instance, aluminum shower chair might be much more expensive rather than the ones made of plastics or PVC piping even though both materials will similarly support the weight of the users.

From the perspective of durability, it is obvious that metal shower chairs are more reliable and durable because of their rigid construction. However, beware of possible corrosion that may happen though along with its heavier construction.

Shower Chair Measurements

It should be noted that not all shower chairs are the same size even though most of them are designed to fit to the standard bathtub or shower. For additional information, a standard shower chair has a measurement of 19 inch in length, 15 inch in width, and 17 inch in height. In addition, they have an average weight of 7 lbs.

A compact shower chair will be ideal for smaller showering quarters. Meanwhile, basic shower chair and bariatric shower chair are likely to be compatible for standard-size bathrooms.

It is strongly suggested for costumers to know the exact size of the bathroom where they will put the shower chair. By doing so, they can choose the proper shower chair size to be used in their bathrooms.

The Shower Chair Mobility

There are a lot of shower chairs available with locking casters in order to ensure the safety in transferring to and from the shower. Meanwhile, other type has no wheels, and on safe grip leg covers to prevent the chair from sliding in the bathroom enclosure.

In addition, the weight of the shower chair itself plays a vital role in it function, so it should have to be considered. For the users who are uncertain of that they will be able to lift the shower chair in and out of the bathroom, the wheeled shower chair might be suitable for them.

Design of Shower Chair

The ability of receiving sturdy back support or lean back in the shower chair is a necessity for many costumers. Having the option to lean back will help in the process of bathing especially for people who receive assistance from a caregiver.

There are so many shower chairs that are designed with the feature of recumbent which is allowing the user to recline to the backrest as well as the rising leg rest. In addition, some of the shower chairs are designed with fixed backs for those who do not need recumbent backing.

Shower Chair Usage

There are so many shower chairs have the combination feature of a commode or toilet and the shower chair itself, so it can be used as the shower chair and toilet seat simultaneously. It is designed by fashioning the seat of the shower chair into an opening, allowing it to be placed over a standard toilet which enables the users to go to the bathrooms.

From this dual function, both the users and caregivers can get benefits since the shower chair helps to eliminate an additional patient transfer when users with difficulties in mobility are performing their daily bathroom activity.

Although, a shower chair with a solid seat will also do just fine for people who do not need the additional function of commode.

So, those are the technical information about shower chairs that this article can describe. Hopefully, this article may help you in choosing a proper shower chair for your bathroom by providing the information mentioned above. Please note that the safety comes first, and one of many ways to keep the bathroom safe is to feature a shower chair inside the bathroom. Thus, choose the right shower chair of your own according to your need!

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